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To describe in brief the methods favoured by the Skaručna kitchen: they are distinguished by simplicity and consistency.

crispy polenta Koruzjača

soflty coocked maize with two types of young cheeses and sweet and sour cream all baked in baker’s life fire oven

Simplicity, because they prefer to perfect their existing menu rather than waste time with inventing endless new dishes. Consistency, because there are no compromises or shortcuts in selecting the ingredients and preparing them.

The famous knuckle

A compelling assortment of strapping, tasty animals, wild and homegrown, that sport a majestic knuckle deserving of the name:
veal, foal, piglet, wild bear, venison, wild boar.

When it is game season, the meat on your plate will be full of character, fresh from the limitless forest. Skaručna is also renowned for juicy T-bone steaks and beefsteaks, marinated for at least a month before they are grilled on naked flames of burning vine wood. The house specialty is roast ox leg a la Pulinoga, soft as butter and the only one of its kind in Slovenia and abroad.

Golden Trout

from the village Bohinjska Bela, steamed and lightly smoked, with fresh horseradish.

Last but not least, Skaručna also offers a beautiful selection of soups, including the all too often neglected brown flour soup. Perhaps you would prefer to start with a steamed and then smoked trout or rustic aspic, but you are certain to finish with at least one slice of grandma’s apple cake or cottage cheese dumplings with honey. Vegetarians will find plenty to enjoy here too, from fresh vegetables to traditional corn flat cake.