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In the old days, Skaručna used to serve wine only on tap, but several hectolitres ago, the young boss decided to follow his own nose; it led him all the way to enthusiasts of natural processes and thorough maceration.

With lots of dedication, he collects wines from all over the country and even from our brothers on the other side of the Italian border. The wines, low in sulphites and ranging from drinkable through sharp all the way to surprisingly sweet, are usually the product of indigenous yeasts. The schnapps, enriched with herbs and flowers of all shapes and sizes, are distilled by local Zasavje brewers. Beer enthusiasts are sure to be pleased with the selection of unpasteurised Belgian, Czech and Ig beers. 

If you are in the same league as Pulinoga, there is always the Cviček wine; if on the other hand you prefer soft drinks or just need a break, try the homemade apple juice or one of the herbal syrups on offer. And if you run out of imagination, simply choose your potion from the battalion of bottles behind the bar.